Are there sizes of tires you do not pick up?

We collect passenger and light-truck vehicle tires. Larger tires have additional charges. Please call for details.

What do you do with the collected tires?

We are committed to rectifying the widespread problem of illegal tire “dumping”, so we bring the collected tires to a registered tire recycling center a ”processor” who will render the scrap tires into higher value end-use products.

What are “end-use products”?

There are many end-use products such as rubber floor mats that you would find in a gymnasium, roofing materials, “crumb rubber” used in asphalt pavements, in fact 1km of highway paving contains approximately 400 used tires in the mixture. Roofing materials etc.

Do you have the necessary license to operate?

Yes, we are also registered with the Ontario Tire Stewardship program and we have liability insurance coverage.