How do I arrange for pickup of my scrap tires?

You may enter into a service agreement with us for regular pickup of your tires or you may call us at
1888 334-7040 and request a one-time pickup.

How much does it cost to remove my tires?

If you register with Ontario Tire Stewardship, you will receive free pick-up from us plus an additional incentive from the Ontario Tire Stewardship, please visit www.ontariots.ca or call 1888 OTS-2202
for details.

We charge the industry standard of $3 per tire with a minimum of 4 tires.
We offer a special incentive to those who have a service contract with us.

Do you make residential pickups?

Yes, we do. We will charge $4 per tire with a minimum of 4 tires however, we recommend you find a tire collection center near you to drop off your tires at no charge.

Do you collect tires on rims?

Yes, we do.

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